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    Ok, so… our goal with Chewy is to help people build tech. But a lot of building tech isn’t about writing code. It’s about creating products that people love and find useful. Part of that equation has to be about design. If your product or the way it’s presented doesn’t look good… then it’s more difficult to convince people to use it, if for no other reason than the following:
    If I look at what you’ve made and I conclude that you can’t be bothered to make your stuff look good, then how can I trust that you’ve taken the time to make it work well? Or the time to make it secure? Etc.

    With all of that in mind… you’ll want to spend at least some time on design, both from a branding/marketing perspective and from a UI design perspective. For the former, is a really wonderful, easy to use tool for people who want to dive into visual design for the first time. If you’re used to Photoshop and Illustrator, you might find it difficult to transition and give up control. But once you find your stride, it can be a really practical tool.

    For example… much of the Chewy branding was done with Canva. All the group headers and icons, as well as the logo, and the image for this post. We hired a wonderful illustrator (Camille Carpentier) to draw the character, and we bought the font (Geliat), but all the composition was done in Canva. It’s also really practical because it’s much faster to load up Canva in the browser than open up Photoshop or Illustrator.

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